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Here you find the Artists and Traders who have signed for the Convention already.

If you want to get tattooed on the Convention, please contact the Artist directly via his Homepage or on the Convention.

Studio: Name: Country: Internet:
All or Nothing Tony Mancia USA USA www.allornothingtattoo.com
Art of Paint Tom & Lars Germany Germany www.artofpaint.de
Biodelic Art Tattoo Valentin Steinmann Switzerland Switzerland www.tattoovalentin.ch
Black Label Tattoo Project Viy Svetosarov Russia Russia www.blackmetka.com
Blue Note Till on the Road on the road MySpace
Blutrausch Patrick Austria Austria www.blutrausch.at
CIA-Tattoo Clemens Austria Austria www.cia-tattoo.com
Corazon Tattoo Jacqueline Switzerland Switzerland www.corazontattoo.ch
Deep Six Laboratory Paul Acker USA USA www.paulacker.com
Eternally Bound Tattoo Dan Henk USA USA www.danhenk.com
Eternal Tattoo Mike Austria Austria www.eternal-tattoo.com
Face the Fact Ulrich Krammer Austria Austria www.facethefact.at
Faktor 7 Markus Behmann Austria Austria www.faktor7.at
Farbenpracht Andrik Germany Germany www.farbenpracht.net
Fat Foogo INFO & Woalle Austria Austria www.fat-foogo.at
Flying Swastika Flying Swastika Netherlands Netherlands MySpace
Freibeuter Tattoo Christoph, Sirpa & Will Switzerland Switzerland www.freibeuter-tattoo.ch
Fright Tattoo Andy Shou Taiwan Taiwan www.fright.com.tw
GFY-Tattooart Fiona Germany Germany MySpace
House of Tattoo Dana Austria Austria www.house-of-tattoo.at
Ink Tank Tattoo Susan, Gun & Sam Switzerland Switzerland www.inktank.ch
John Clark Tattoos John Clark USA USA Facebook
Korova Tattoo Daniel Austria Austria www.korova.at
Labo-O-Kult Guy Bechtel Switzerland Switzerland www.labo-o-kult.com
Lard Yao Tattoo Peter & Kirsty on the Road on the road www.lardyao-tattoo.de
Lebenslänglich Jann, Brambilla, Hiesi, Tony & Mark Germany Germany www.lebenslaenglich-tattoo.de
Lehmanns-Art-Papilio Thorsten L. Germany Germany www.lehmanns-art-papilio.de
Mahakala Tattoo Boris Germany Germany MySpace
Metal Ink Tattoo Nickö France France www.metalinktattoo.fr
Modhouse Nils & Sonja Germany Germany MySpace
Misanthrop Ausliebe Chris & Bunny on the Road on the road Chris / Bunnny
Moro Tattoo Fabio Moro Italy Italy www.morotattoo.com
Mr. Halbstark Mark Germany Germany Facebook
Mystery Touch Tattoo Buchi Austria Austria www.mysterytouchtattoo.com
Nadelwerk Frank, Xandi & Felix Germany Germany www.nadelwerk.de
Naked Trust Tattoo Eva Schatz Austria Austria www.evaschatz.com
Nightcrawler Tattoo Jörg & Dennis Germany Germany www.nightcrawler.de
Penetration Inc. Steven Foster Austria Austria www.penetration-inc.com
Pauls Tattoos Paul Austria Austria www.pauls-tattoos.at
Royal Skin Art Huang Eric Taiwan Taiwan Facebook
Satisfaction Art Marco Ventura Australia Germany MySpace
Seven Star Tattoo Chris & Basti Germany Germany www.seven-star-tattoo.de
Sigis Tattoo Shop Marc Scheuchl Austria Austria www.sigistattooshop.at
skin deep art Dax & Jenni Switzerland Switzerland www.skindeepart.ch
Skull Tattoo Chancy & Birgit Germany Germany www.skull-tattoo.de
Stechwerk Eugen Germany Germany www.stechwerk.de
Tattoo & Art Vienna Maui Austria Austria Facebook
Tattoo Alien Axel Netherlands Netherlands www.tattooalien.de
Tattoo End Endre Szabo UK United Kingdom www.tattooend.com
Tattoo Najs Sergiy Nayda Germany Germany www.tattoonajs.de
Tattoo Tomas Tomas Germany Germany www.tattoo-tomas.de
Tätowiersucht Tanina & Sascha Germany Germany www.taetowiersucht.de
Tintenstich Elsys, Beppo & Henning Germany Germany www.tintenstich.de
Tommy Lee Wendtner Tommy Lee Wendtner on the road on the road www.tommyleetattoo.com
Tres-Puntos-Tattoo Maik Germany Germany www.tres-puntos-tattoo.de
Vicious-Circle Tattoo Flo Germany Germany MySpace
Voodoo Croo Iris Germany Germany www.voodoo-croo.de
Wild Art Factory Gerhard Austria Austria www.wildartfactory.com
Woodpecker Tattoo Manuel Austria Austria www.fette-scheisse.com

Tattoomodels Austria Austria www.tattoomodels.at



Name: Country: Internet:
AFP-Silberschmuck Germany Germany www.afp-silberschmuck.de
Bavarian Custom Irons Germany Germany www.bavariancustomirons.de
Crossover Clothing & Accessoires France France www.tattoo-crossover.com
Inochi Jewelry on the road on the road www.inochijewelry.com
Kitsch-City Germany Germany www.kitsch-city.com
Klothing Tattoo- & Kustomwear Germany Germany www.klothing.de
Klunkar Modeschmuck Austria Austria www.klunkar.com
Korova Clothing Austria Austria www.korova.at
Magic Moon Tattooing Germany Germany www.magic-moon-shop.com
Metall-Design Germany Germany www.metall-creations.de
Pierce Style Austria Austria www.pierce-style.com
Premier Products Germany Germany www.premier-products.de
Starshot 24 Germany Germany www.starshot24.de
Superskull Germany Germany www.superskull.de
Tattoo Boutique NajS Germany Germany www.tattooboutiquenajs.de
Trust Bodymodification Germany Germany www.trust-mannheim.de
Workhorseirons Europe Austria Austria www.workhorseironseurope.com
Yvonne's Inked Divas and Gents Austria Austria www.inkedfashion.com
ZUMGEIER Austria Austria www.zumgeier.at



(subject to changes)

Magic Moon

Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment

Tätowier Magazin

Tattoo Style

Tattoo Spirit

Tattoo Scout

Custom Tattooz Magazin

Pierce Style

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